Thursday, 8 March 2007

Goa Trip - Day 1

After much dilly-dallying, I finally pick up my pen, oops! keyboard, to make an attempt at describing my recent trip to Goa.We had booked discounted GoAir tickets almost a month in advance, and as the departure date approached, I was fighting mixed feelings about going/ not going.
Our flight was amazingly on time, and after a 2.5 hr journey, we were finally circling over Goa, ready for the landing.Landing into the Goa airport is an experience in itself. Looking down from the aircraft window, the landscape is a sight to behold - thick dense greenery, interrupted only by glistening patches of water, a boat here and a ship there.....
On getting out of the airport, the first thing that hit us was the immense heat, especially after the chilling cold in Delhi. We hired a cab, and after a 1.5 hr drive through the roads, lanes, and bylanes of Goa, we finally reached our destination - the Sterling Resort. But hey, where is the beach????? I thought this was a beach resort, with huts "right by the beach" !It turned out that the main resort is located a little height from the beach, and the "beach huts" are 72 steps down from the main resort (I didnt know if I should thank my stars that our rooms werent booked in those beach huts).
That asides, the resort itself is kind of nice....though I would have hated it if I had to pay their actual Rs. 2500 room rent (we had corporate discount on rooms rates, as part of sterling's tie up with the company where my hubby works).
After some "pet-pooja", and a good 2 hours sleep, we decided to hit the Vagator beach.We had gone there with the intention of spending just about half an hour, but ended up staying for almost an hour and a half. The sunset we saw from Vagator on our first day in Goa, turned out to be the most beautiful one in our entire trip.
I don't think I possess the right skill with words to be able to describe the experience in words. So I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves

Vagator Beach

Sun goes down at Vagator

Magic at Vagator

Magic at Vagator